Abortion doesn’t hurt women, but lies about it do

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Dr. Jen Gunter is devastating as usual. We make these points often, but she brings the valuable physician’s perspective to this deeply frustrating issue.

Dr. Jen Gunter

Apparently there a march for “life” coming up on January 25th. I use “life” rather loosely because marching for life doesn’t happen in front of big tobacco or the companies that use trans-fatty acids. But I digress. One of the big slogans at these marches is that abortion “hurts women,” you know, to show that anti-abortion protesters are really in it just to protect the little ladies from themselves.

But abortion doesn’t hurt women. Here are the facts about abortion, risks, and harm:

The risk of death in pregnancy is greater than the risk of death from an abortion. If 100,000 women decide to keep their pregnancy 8.8 will die. If 100,000 women have an abortion 0.6 will die. Pregnancy is 14 times more “unsafe” than legal abortion. If you follow the anti-abortion credo that “abortion hurts women”, then pregnancy hurts them even more.

The risk of a major complication from…

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