The real HPV controversy from Katie Couric’s show, her expert

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Dr Jen, dropping some truth.

Dr. Jen Gunter

imagesPart of Katie Couric’s “controversy” on her show about the HPV vaccine was the claim by her expert, Dr. Diane Harper, that the vaccine only lasts for 5 years. I mean, why promote a 5 year vaccine to adolescent girls that will wear off and leave them at risk during their 20s?

The problem with this “controversy” over the duration of vaccine effectiveness is that it is entirely manufactured.

Dr. Harper is a researcher who has participated in many of the HPV vaccine trials. This means she enrolled lots of patients and was an author on many papers, but she did not invent or design the vaccines. She may have played some role in study design and data analysis. She (and her institution) also received lots of research money in return. As an aside, Harper is often been identified as the lead Gardasil researcher. She was an author of…

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