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Oh, Sorry. Did You Not Want That In Your Cheese?

by Admin Jen

Please see the comments below this hilarious meme:


A few of our Wisconsinite Facebook followers requested that we place this meme somewhere outside of Facebook so that it could be more easily and widely shared.  So we’ve chosen to oblige them.

State Sen. Mary Lazich has gotten an abortion bill through committee that will be coming up for a vote soon in Wisconsin’s legislature.  It’s jam packed with retreads of abortion bills past from other states, including such hits as “Even though abortions have a complication rate of less than one percent, we’re going to require providers to have hospital admitting privileges or else close their doors,” and of course our favorite, “You’re probably under the impression that what you’ve got growing in there is actually a carrot or a Tupperware, so we’re going to force you to have a medically unnecessary ultrasound to make sure you know it’s a baby.”  Why play originals when just as many people will show up to hear you do covers, eh Mary?

So please, share this far and wide!  Pass it on to your friends.  And if you’re a Wisconsinite, and you don’t know who your State Senators and Representatives are, find out here, so you can give them a piece of your mind.