Getting the NRA to protect my right to bear biological weapons

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Dr. Jen does it again. The lasso of truth indeed.

Dr. Jen Gunter

There’s been lots of talk about how the right to own semi-automatic guns and rifles is protected under the 2nd Amendment. The NRA and many gun aficionados feel that owning a semi-automatic weapon is a right of the people not to be infringed upon. And anyway, according to many people who support semi-automatic weapon ownership (or at least the ones who send me nasty tweets) these guns are very safe, because it’s not the gun, or the magazine that holds the 33 bullets, or even the bullets themselves that does the killing, it’s the person who pulls the trigger.

I’m calling bullshit, because I’m an infectious diseases aficionado and the NRA isn’t talking one bit about protecting my right to own biological arms. After all, many governments, including Uncle Sam, feel that a stock of biologics is part of a well regulated militia. I know biological weapons aren’t specifically spelled…

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