The Rising Tide Blog: Equality Lifts Us All

The Rising Tide Blog is a project of Facebook activism team Women: Rise Up Now.  The Women: Rise Up Now Facebook page is an awareness and mobilization site designed to help American women fight back against the recent assaults on their basic human rights, and to promote the broader agendas of gender equality and social and reproductive justice.  The WRUN Facebook page shares articles, original memes and artwork, and action alerts to encourage members to reach out to their legislators and leaders to help shape public policy.  The Rising Tide Blog is a project that gives WRUN the freedom to explore the cultural and legislative workings behind the policy, and offer additional research points and commentary on the issues for which our page seeks to inspire activism.  Follow us both here and on Facebook to:

Stay Informed – Administrators and members are encouraged to link to news stories about the latest attempts at all levels of our government to erode women’s rights. We encourage women to share these stories with their friends, family and colleagues.

Joining Us for Events and Actions – Sister organizations across the country are mobilizing marches, demonstrations, and other events to raise awareness and fight the war on women. Administrators will keep members informed about these events, and as well as about social media actionable directed at the media and elected officials.

Demand Accountability – The fleeting nature of media and the short memory of the electorate has resulted in a government of officials who are not accountable to their constituents. Ending the War on Women and retaining our human rights demands holding these officials accountable to for every dollar they accept, every speech they make, every mailing they send, and every vote they make or miss. When they vote against women, we will not forget.

3 thoughts on “The Rising Tide Blog: Equality Lifts Us All

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